Dime’s Fantasy Category Specialists: Points

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Many times there comes a need to fill in the statistical gaps that exist in your fantasy rosters, and most times these weaknesses are only apparent later in your drafts.


Head-To-Head Mock Draft Results

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I'm trying to be a man of the people this season, so per a reader's request, here are the results of a mock draft I participated in recently.


Nuggets get locked up abroad; Shaq says ’10 Cavs > ’00-02 Lakers

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Principal D-Stern had to have been pleased with his product yesterday, as two of the NBA's three preseason games took place outside the United States.


Five shooting guards to watch for 2009-10

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After putting together the modified Top-50 list of players from '08-09, I had about 50 leftovers who just missed the cut.


Bring Rip Hamilton to the Pacers

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While I'm busy taking credit for greasing the wheels to get Zach Randolph a home in Memphis to drop his nightly 20-10's, I might as well try to get another ball rolling: Bringing Rip Hamilton to my Indiana Pacers.

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