Thee Mike B.

Cosmo Baker Vs. Thee Mike B.

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<a href="">Cosmo</a> > Chuck Norris.

Sweeet Part 2

“Sweeet Part 2″

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It's only April 2nd, but I can pretty much assure you this is the best $5 you'll spend all month.

#Jay Z

“To The Victors…”


We posted <a href="">Part One</a> of that dude Neil's Inauguration Recap.


“You Need To Grow Up…DJ’ing Will Get You No Where.”

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For every <a href="">Dennis Miller</a> & <a href="">Bill O'Reilly</a> trying to knock Hip-Hop's newfound connection to politics, there's a Neil Armstrong.


It’s The Fifth Of The Month!

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In what will be an exciting day with plenty of music, opinions and info, here we are taking this time to pass along the info for the homies to the homies.

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