Max B – “All My Days” Video

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With the amount of work (some good, some questionable) that Max was putting in while he was free, the wave will continue rolling for some time.


Joseph Guillermo Jones, II, Auteur: A Look Back At Jim’s Best-Directed Videos

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Jim Jones just might be headed down the wrong career track.

#Jay Z

9 Rappers Desperately In Need Of A Name Change…

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When it comes to an aspiring MC's career, a solid rap name is just important their actual talent.

Roxy Reynolds

“The Wave Incarcerated…”

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Equipped with a Canada Dry, a bag of chips and a fitted cap to match, a then-free Max B holds a "concert" of sorts after leaving a court hearing only days before his conviction.


For Sale: Free Max B. Shirts

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"Support Max B as a portion of the t-shirt proceeds will go to Max B’s commissary.


6.11 The Cooler

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Omni Robers With The Thickness Which Kids Join Gangs? A Genetic Explanation [Time] Rocksmith 2009 Summer Collection [Hypebeast] Marvel vs. Capcom Mixtape [Yellow Rebel] Reminder: Whores Are People Too [BoH] Sa-Ra Creative Partners Do ‘The Age Of Love’, P Diddy Snd MTV Reality Shows [Fact] Bodog [...].


6.10 The Cooler

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Karla Azcue x Wet Wednesdays Drunk Hits Friend With Car Over $10 Bar Tab [Don Chavez] "Very Happy" Mike Tyson Marries Girlfriend in Vegas [E!] Twista's Category F5 Details & Tracklist [FSD] Stephen Colbert Got His Hurr Did [BoH] Soulja Boy Is The King Of [...].


Max B – “Never Wanna Go Back”

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On the eve of his last court date, Max drops off a plea to the judge & DA.

Uncle Murda

Capone-N-Noreaga – “Rotate” (Champion Hoodie Remix)

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Quite obviously, this is for archival purposes because "The Symphony" this is not.


Catch The Wave…

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French Montana Feat.


Kurious Jorge Feat. Max B. – “Back From Up Under” Video

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It's automatic that when you hear the name Kurious Jorge you think "Walk Like A Duck," his '93 one-hitter quitter.



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I haven't listened to a full Max B.

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