Phil Adé

Phil Adé – “Used to Be”


Phil Adé is back with "Used To Be" the first track off his upcoming project A Different World.


Phil Adé Is DMV’s New Funky Child


Phil Adé drops some fresh bars for the new year over Lords of the Underground's "Funky Child" and he does quite well by shirking the source material's flow in an effort to make the beat his own.

The Otherside

Rockie Fresh Feat. Naledge & Phil Adé – “Living” Video

Words by C. Paicely While rookie Rock’s first video swept through desolate alleys and avenues, the Chi-town young gun’s latest effort throws us into one of the Windy City’s dimly-lit Hip Hop spots.

The Otherside

Rockie Fresh – The Otherside Mixtape


Words by C. Paicely Rockie Fresh teases us for months with bits and pieces of an upcoming project, and now he's rewarding us with a holiday gift for all our patience.

Winner's Circle

Winner’s Circle – “368 Killin’ Em”


With his rise and recent success, Raheem opened the door for Phil Adé first and now the rest of the 368 Music roster - Dee Boy, Da Future and Stello - is bumrushing the show.

We Got Now

Phil Adé – The Letterman


There's not much that hasn't already been said here about Phil Adé's potential as an emcee and artist, so we'll save the long diatribe (but feel free to click any one of those hyperlinked words to understand the anticipation).

The Letterman

Phil Ade – “My Story”


As one of the most freshest new voices around, Phil's been releasing solid song after solid song in anticipation of The Letterman, which drops next week.

We Got Now

Phil Ade – “The Letter” Video


Phil Ade has been quite successful on the JV team but now he's taking aim for varsity.


Phil Ade Feat. Raekwon, Wale, tabi Bonney and Raheem DeVaughn – “Hollywood (Remix)”


Devin's been the main one biggin' up Phil's music but perhaps it's time we all pay a little more attention.

tabi Bonney

Phil Adé – “Hollywood” Video


Now pardon the tardiness on this here post, but I’m in a DC-type of mood given the requisite listening of the recent release from one Mr. Folarin (the numbers don’t look good, but hopefully they pick up given the offering was the best ’09 debut this side of Fashawn’s Boy Meets World).

We Got Now

Off The Bench…


Yet another doin’ it for Maryland like Gilchrist (here’s hopin’ he doesn’t bottom out like the Terp) as he spits on the title track of his debut mixtape Starting On JV, Phil Adé adds his name to the growing list of capable wordsmiths claiming the DMV as their stomping grounds.

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