The First One Is For Pimp

Da Underdawgz Feat. Pimp C & Messiah – “Bring It Back” Video


Paying tribute to <a href="">Chad Butler</a>.


Pimp C Feat. Bun B & Big K.R.I.T. – “Grippin’ On The Wood”

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In the words, well, <a href="">question</a>, of Elliott Wilson, "who lit a fire under Hip-Hop's ass.


The iPod Shuffle – “Pourin’ Up”

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<a href=""> "Sweet Jones or Sweet James? Switched my name, finger f*cked the game..." If there is ever a bad time to listen to listen to UGK, I pray I never experience such. On a completely different note, however, my mother would not be pleased if making women my property became my permanent career path. But if I ever just wanted to say "f*ck it" and not worry what she thought, <a href="">Max Julien</a> and Pimp C would definitely serve as my benchmarks.


Stalley – “Monkey Ish (R.I.P. Pimp C)”

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<a href="">Photo: <a href="">Dre Eastwood</a> Oh, how we miss <a href="">Chad Butler</a>.


So About This UGK And Drake Track…

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The first time I listen to anything from <a href="">Pimp Chad's</a> The Naked Soul Of Sweet Jones will be when the entire album is made available.


Bun B Feat. Pimp C, 2Pac & Trey Songz – “Right Now”

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<a href=""> They say our rap legends are forever immortalized in the music. If you're a nonbeliever in the occult, Bun wants to change your religion with this particular track from his latest <a href="">trifecta</a>.


Fraternal Bond: Remembering The Pimp

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"You know how The Pimp be, that nigga gon' speak his mind/ If he could speak down from heaven, he'd tell me stay on my grind.


Webbie – “Money Getting Taller” x “By The Time”

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With <a href="">Boosie</a> going away for his government-sponsored vacation, his original partner in rhyme looks, <a href="">Webbie</a>, looks to fill the void and rep Baton Rouge.


“I’m An Outside Veteran…”

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Here's a couple new album joints from an artist we <a href="">recently smoked with</a>, Slim Thugga.

Z Ro

Z-Ro – “Top Notch” Video

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While the majority of you didn't bother to check for the album -- let alone <a href="">the review</a>, Z-Ro's not letting something petty like a buzz window get in the way of promoting his 2008 effort Crack.

UGK 4 Life

“Da Game Been Good To Me” – UGK 4 Life Listening Session

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Words by Khalid Strickland The first time Bun B soldiered on without his UGK co-defendant Pimp C, fans of the revered Port Arthur, Texas duo didn’t fret.


“So Much D In My Trunk That My Speakers Won’t Bump…”

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Remember when actual drug dealers used to run rampant through canals of Hip-Hop.


Bun B x Scion Live Metro @ Karma 12.17.08

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<a href="">Bun B - "The Game Belong To Me"/"Damn I'm Cold"</a> from <a href="">MZ</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.


No Homo, No?

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Have you ever been in a situation where a pending issue has been driving you crazy, but the topic is risque and you don't want to embarrass yourself by asking anyone.


“Still Living This Life…”

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I was 10 when Pac and Big died.

Z Ro

“The Mo City Don” – Review Of Z-Ro’s Crack

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Often one of the most overlooked in Houston's famed rapper gene rapper, Z-Ro isn't one to let popularity and politics stand in his way.

#Jay Z

“Get Throwed”

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Nothing tests my love for Hip-Hop like a long ass road trip.


“Underground Thang” – Review Of Bun B’s II Trill

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Despite II Trill being Bun B's second solo album, both have been Pimp C's just as much as his own.

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