The Time Big Kap Tried To Sabotage Biggie’s Concert

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<a href=""> Even though we have been able to vicariously live through our fallen legend's classic works to salvage a piece of them, death still deprives us of those unique instances where the artist's persona was a key indicator in showing they were born to be great; born to be leaders. And in some cases, born to be comedians. A quick Hippity-Hop flashback to 1995 would automatically tell you that Bad Boy was on top, with The Notorious B.I.G. leading the charge. While he was known to have great stage performances, the same couldn't always be said for his DJ. Big Kap isn't of Biggie fame as much of he's renown for standing next to Funkmaster Flex. There's a reason for that. Imagine the euphoria that would have transpired from bumping a "Me and My Bitch (Computer Love Remix Live)" on a hot summer's night. We never experienced it because "DJ" Kap had the butterfingers on the turntables during San Fran KMEL's Summer Jam. Look at Biggie's playful yet still stern, thugged-out demeanor. He was a riot. Like <a href="">Pac in his interviews</a>, Biggie was as cool as fan in front of the camera.

The Notorious B.I.G.

Brenton Duvall – “Time For What You Want”

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<a href=""> In between rocking shows with XV & The Dean's List for their current <a href="">Animal House Tour</a>, <a href="">Brenton Duvall</a> has concocted yet another hot remix.

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4.7 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Jazzma Kendrick Biggie's FBI Files, Possessions During Murder Revealed <a href="">[The Boombox]</a> It's Official: Flip-Flops Are Evil <a href="!5789479/its-official-flip+flops-are-evil">[Gawker]</a> What's Happening In Movie Rentals.


Biggie Smalls & Shaq: A Larger Than Life Friendship

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<a href=""> Whenever September 13 or March 9 roll around, it has become custom to expect a slew of articles, videos and everything in between paying respect to Hip Hop's fallen giants: Tupac Shakur and <a href="">Biggie Smalls</a>.

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Jeru The Damaja’s Hot 97 Promo

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<a href=""> The Internet constantly unearths audio morsels. Ever city has their radio show countdown, usually frequented by the largest artist available to lend their voices. When the city is NYC, I guess magic like this happen more often than the rest of can imagine. Jeru's intro to Angie Martinez's radio show serving as a flash point for Biggie's seminal drug sermon, "Ten Crack Commandments"? Yep, it happened. "That was actually a promo that me and Jeru did for Angie Martinez on Hot 97. Back then she did a show called the “Hot 5 at 9? where she would play the top 5 records at 9 o’clock. If you listen to the scratches, before I added “ten” later on when Biggie got it, I just keep going to five right after the beat drops because it was for the top 5 at 9. Puffy was guest hosting the show and when he heard the promo he was like “what the hell, who did this?” and Angie told him I did it. So he goes live on the radio like “yo Premier, if you’re out there, call me.” One of my homeboys paged me and told me that Puffy was on the radio telling me to call him. I turn on Hot 97 and right before I was about to turn the dial off, I hear “Premier, Premier, please call me if you hear me on the radio.” He told me he wanted to buy the promo. I told Jeru and he was like “yo, it’s hip hop. No big deal.” So I sold it to him and Biggie already had a concept, he wanted to call it “Ten Crack Commandments.” I took the “Ten” from a spaceship count down when they go “ten, nine, eight, seven…” And Biggie just rapped over it right there." Radio rip but still worth a quick listen. Chances of a hearing it without the voiceovers are slim to none most likely, unless some Hot 97 staffer's still sitting on the audio. Download -- <a href="">Jeru The Damaja's Hot 97 Promo (Radio Rip)</a> <a href="">DJPremierBlog</a> via <a href="">RTD</a>.

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Christopher Wallace And The Tale Of Two Quotes

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The most revealing quote from Biggie Smalls may be something he said outside of a booth.

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Shawn Pen – “I Will Never Run (Letter To B.I.G.’s Killer)”

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<a href=""> They're such magnetizing figures in music that the only thing we don't know about the lives <a href="">Christopher Wallace</a> and <a href="">Tupac Shakur</a> are the fingers behind the triggers which took them away far too soon.

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When Trevor Battled Shawn…

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<a href=""> I love Hip-Hop folklore. Then again, I'm just a sucker for a good story, regardless of the topic. To this day, my grandmother will tell me stories of what life was like in the Great Depression and the Civil Rights Movement. And each time I still find myself in amazement. It's the same way with music and probably explains the reason why I watch that damn Jackson movie every time it comes on VH1. With that in mind, Hip-Hop has more than its fair share of back stories. The <a href="">Welcome To Death Row</a> DVD has tons of them if you find yourself interested.

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Biggie Smalls Gets Animated

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<a href=""> A week or so ago, TC and I disagreed on this Notorious B.I.G.'s Madison Square Garden freestyle. TC said it was corny but I happen to be a fan of goofy, animated takes like this. Of course the clip isn't life affirming, but I suggested that my colleague smile more often. Via <a href="">Bass Is The Place</a>.

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8Ball & MJG – “Blunts & Broads”

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<a href=""> With their grind in stride as always, Memphis microphone legends </a><a href="">8Ball & MJG</a> return once 'gain to bring their space-age-pimpin' to the streets with "Blunts & Broads," the Biggie-Smalls-sampling ode to both of your favorite things.


Remembering March 9th

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Odd but true, every time the date has been spoken any day in March, my mind involuntarily echoes "March 9th.

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DJ Whoo Kid & Cookin’ Soul – Night Of The Living Dead Part II: 2Pac Edition

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The cover is about as creepy as <a href="">this piece</a> of harsh nostalgia, but DJ Whoo Kid & <a href="">Cookin Soul</a> are breathing new life in the blend concept <a href="">yet again</a> with Tupac Amaru Shakur as their host this time around.

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The iPod Shuffle – “Warning”

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Since he had a short discography, I question Big's rank in the game every now & then.

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That Time Around…

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As more fans continue to stumble upon Michael Jackson material that's been available unbeknown to them, it's time to revisit one particular track that never gets celebrated in the Hip-Hop community as it should.


Crew Love

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The soundtrack to our daily grind, all in a nice & neat format.

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Lil’ Cease & Cardan – “Ten Crack Commandments” Video

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Shame on the entire internet for acting like <a href="">March 9th</a> was the coming of a new moon and then getting convenient amnesia the preceding day.

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B.I.G. Shoes To Fill…

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"N*ggas is actors, n*ggas deserve Oscars.

Voletta Wallace

“Dancing On The Moon…” – Lil Kim’s Debut On Dancing With The Stars

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Words By Thembi Pic By ABC I usually don't watch Dancing With The Stars because of the corny cover music, barely famous "stars," and obnoxious judges.

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