2014 Pro Bowl Live Blog (Because It’s Still Football) Plus T-Sizzle At The Club

01.26.14 4 years ago 1,042 Comments


Just as we thought we’d be able to get through the week without having to hear about Goodell threatening to eliminate the Pro Bowl again, outgoing National Football League Player’s Associate President Domonique Foxworth brought Lord Rog and the scepter of cancellation in an interview with USA Today yesterday and the fear players have about possibly hurting their fellow teammates in the new “un-conferenced” rules. (As we noted after the draft, Team Rice Captain Drew Bress made sure all of his fellow Saints were taken by his squad.)

Let’s hope we never cancel the Pro Bowl as it really is one of the silliest events of the too serious NFL calendar. Fans get to hang out with Suggs at the club, unlike the Super Bowl where players are behind twenty feet of Plexiglass and you have to buy a $1100 dinner ticket to wave at them from afar.

Players like Suh get to relax and get ready to do host his own version of “Chopped Block” NFL. Plus there is gossip!


Dun dun dun! Maybe he does really regret leaving the Jets for Tampa Bay! (Or perhaps he just wants to avoid a scalp infection wearing a Tampa Bay cap.)

So let’s stop taking football so seriously and just relax for a change. Just leave poor Barry Sanders alone. It’s not his fault Team Sanders drafted so poorly.

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