’70s Board Game Predicted BP Incompetence

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The ’70s were a strange and disturbing time in human history, rife with bad clothing decisions, bad music decisions, and sad attempts to make money off of board games. It’s that last we’re concerned with, as apparently BP anticipated the problem it’d be faced with in a game called “Offshore Oil Strike”. Endorsed by BP, it’s about drilling in the North Atlantic until it’s oil-free, and then hiding in Ireland to avoid any tax consequences.

The only reason we bring it up? The game has an “oil spill” card. In the game, it’s an annoying random encounter that basically sets the player back to a minor degree and costs $1 million to clean up.

The price tag on the actual oil spill that BP is trying desperately to dodge the blame for? $3 billion and counting, so far. But, hey, maybe they’ve got a few extra copies of “Offshore Oil Strike” they can auction on eBay!

[ via Geekosystem ]

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