Ace Hood – “Letter To My Ex’s/Tear Da Roof” Video

09.10.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

Maybe it’s the budget or his own creative insight, but Ace Hood’s videos could stand to be a lot better. Still personally reeling from the “Hustle Hard (Remix)” video debacle (one of the biggest fumbles of the summer IMO), Ace returns with the two for one visual treatment of “Letter To My Ex’s” and “Tear Da Roof.” Neither are anything spectacular and for those unfamiliar with the song, “Tear Da Roof” unapologetically uses the overdone “Hustle Hard”/”John Doe” flow. Meanwhile, there was some promise with “Letter…” since it was one of the highlights from last month’s Blood, Sweat And Tears. Instead, chalk it up as another let down and missed opportunity to make an impact with a real video and real storyline.

Again, I’m not throwing shade at Ace because I definitely don’t have anything against him. Then again, I wonder how much the powers that be cared about the project to begin with.

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