“ACG Means All Conditions Gear”

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
12.09.11 11 Comments

All praises due to the almighty Gary Warnett for mining the archives to find this collection of old Nike ACG adverts. As print wanes, so does the related advertising to the point where everything is more video-based. The advantage of a print ad is that it causes the mind to stir, leaving you to imagine the message being imparted to consumers and not many have done this better than Nike. And as a fan of Nike’s All Conditions Gear line since its early inception, the advertisements seen here take me back down memory lane. I want to thank sweet baby Jesus, GWar and the Internet for preserving shit like this.
Gary’s got an informative article about the reemergence of the ACG line that’s well worth a read as well, if you’re into that sort of thing. A lot of what the Swoosh has been doing with the boots and apparel lately has been nothing short of dope, although somewhat overshadowed by more hyped releases. Most of the products are a tad niche but that’s obviously part of the appeal I suppose. Macleays, Ashikos, Talarias, Mowabbs, Lava Domes…I’ve spent a good bit grabbing these joints. Give me ACGs or give me death.

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