Adrian Peterson: ‘I’m Juicing On The Blood Of Jesus’

08.21.13 4 years ago 24 Comments

(via Getty Image)

Adrian Peterson did the “10 Things I Think I Think” feature for Peter King’s boutique nuggetorium, The MMQB. In the second item, AP told the story of a time last year when a Lions lionbacker approached him and accused him of doping, to which Peterson replied, “I’m juicing on the blood of Jesus.”

First off, don’t even joke about that, Adrian Peterson. If Ray Lewis finds out you can dope on Jesus blood, he’ll lose the deer antler spray, come out of retirement and play another six seasons. Nobody wants that.

Secondly, how many games does Goodell have to suspend for Jesus PEDs? Four games? I haven’t checked the latest CBA? Is that a banned substance?

However, Adrian Peterson is Purple Jesus. Perhaps Jesus blood is the only kind he can use. Is the system being unfair to Adrian Peterson by denying him the Jesus blood he needs?

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