Alice Eve is Cast as Emma Frost: Let the Drooling Commence!

06.29.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

The charming and intelligent woman with the great personality to the right is Alice Eve. You probably know her best from that inescapable trailer for “She’s Out of My League” (considering the box office, we know nobody actually saw the movie itself). So why are we showing you a Varga girl pinup photo of Ms. Eve? Because she’s going to be Emma Frost, that’s why.

We could make a lot of jokes about her “qualifications”, if you know what we mean, but she does actually have some qualifications. Surprisingly, she’s British, and she’s actually done a lot of respectable theater work; it’s just that in America, we’re guessing she keeps getting offered complete crap, which is why she turned up in “Sex and the City 2”. But she’s hot, she’s British, and she can actually act, all of which are, as far as we’re concerned, ideal criteria for playing everybody’s favorite Cyclops-banging sex therapist.

Now, we could be tacky and post a whole gallery of official art of the modest Ms. Frost as “costume suggestions”, or maybe a few fan costumes, but that would be absolutely tasteless and the thought had never crossed our minds once.

[ via FirstShowing and far too much time on Google Images]

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