The 3 Best DJing Apps Out Now

03.07.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

Thanks to the digitalization of turntables and mixers, there’s no longer a need to spend months practicing beatmatching nor is there a sky high cost that used to come with purchasing the thousands of dollars of equipment needed to start up a DJ career. The latter especially doesn’t make sense for the casual user who just wants to spin for his or her own entertainment. Thankfully, applications such as Mixman Spin Control, ProTools, and djay have streamlined the process and made it significantly easier on the pockets.

Mixman Spin Control

Mixman Spin Control has swiftly decreased the learning curve of DJing by allowing the user to easily and conveniently create mixes without all of the commons strains associated with the art. For starters, with the software, there are no more carrying crates stuffed full of records or missing key switching points. At the press of a button, one can easily designate which virtual turntable will be playing at any given time. When using Mixman spin control, it’s even possible to create customized mashups and then share your finished creations on Facebook and Mixman radio. Additionally, there are effects buttons included (you can also use voice recordings as an effect) in the program, so you can create as much reverb as your speakers can handle without having to dish out the cash for a high-end mixer or effects pad. All that’s required to start spinning is a PC and a decent set of speakers.


With Protools, it’s also become easier for the everyday user to professionally record, edit, and master a set. Didn’t like a particular transition? No problem, the software gives you the ability to tweak it enough to your satisfaction, after the fact. In most cases, it’s not even a requirement to go back and attempt to execute the transition again. The same goes for a song that was maybe played too loudly or with an overwhelming amount of bass. There’s no need to re-record the track; just soften it a little using ProTools and it’s like errors never happened. A few clicks here, and a few clicks there and voila, you have an immaculate demo to post online or send to potential clients, if you so desire.


Thanks to the rise of the iPad and the touchscreen, digital DJing has come full circle and become hands-on to authentically replicate the live DJing process. By projecting images of two turntables and a crossfader, the djay app provides the user with an interface that closely resembles the full-fledged, conventional setup. For those who don’t like virtual mixing simply because it’s less interactive than the physical machines, the iPad is pushing the envelope even further. Now, it’s become possible to perform basic scratches, adding some more flavor to just simply cueing and transitioning through a set.

Not everyone wants to be a DJ out of a desire to make millions of dollars or to become a world-famous producer. So it doesn’t make sense for most people to spend the money for professional-level equipment, that’s both costly, and incredibly difficult to master, all just for a hobby. Especially when, thanks to programs like Mixman, Pro Tools, and djay, there are many other simpler, and far more convenient ways to creating your own mixes.

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