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12.11.08 9 years ago 30 Comments

I’ve been slippin’ on my writing the past few days, but with good reason. For the past week, my evenings have been preoccupied with the rim you see in the above picture.

Me & the three year old Lil Homie usually get in each day & ball til he falls. Two practices — one @ six before dinner, the other @ 8 right before his bedtime. Sure he’s not that developed & only makes two out of fifty shots. He’s fuckin three. He’s exhilarated & playing for the imagined love of the game after watching an episode of Go Diego Go. Even with his adolescent attention span & low shooting percentage, he’s still good enough to be a Knick.

I, however, play with him for the camaraderie, family time…and to relive my youth spent ballin’ on a hoop just like this one, dreaming that I was like Dominique & Sir Charles. I know I wasn’t the only one who used to straight break sweats, trying to do 360° dunks, throwing alley oops to myself off the wall, dunking…and then crashing into the wall.

Yeah, my mom’s wasn’t vibing with that shit.

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Stray Shots

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