Are You Telling Me This Guy Doesn’t Know How To Please A Woman?

05.04.07 10 years ago 106 Comments

We’ve made so much fun of Brady Quinn this week. I think the guy deserves a break. Time to go back to one of our favorite whipping boys.

It’s easy to discount the spiritual impact of basketball crowds if
you haven’t attended a playoff game with special fans before. There’s
no way to understand it unless it definitely has happened to you. Then
you know. As strange as this sounds, it’s like a woman being unable to
tell whether she’s ever had an orgasm. If she thinks it might have
happened, or it felt like it kind of happened one time… it didn’t
happen. When it happens, they know. Then they feel stupid for all the
other times when they thought it had happened.

All the other times, eh? How many times are we talking about? Dozen? Couple hundred? To be fair, it is hard to bring a woman to climax when you’re busy being overly impressed with yourself. You do actually have to do some work to bring a lady to Pleasuretown. Like Sam Kinison, I do The Alphabet. But I shan’t elaborate.

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