Avatar Will Change The Way Terry Bradshaw Whores Movies

12.02.09 8 years ago 32 Comments

Sorry for consecutive posts about mushy brained Pittsburgh quarterbacks, but Terry Bradshaw got his corporate whoring on in WOOFtastic ways for Avatar this past Sunday. With the $500 million FOX has poured into making and promoting “Ferngully 3: This Time The Sprites Are Big And Blue” there’s no way they weren’t going to get as brazen as possible about shoehorning in promotional segments on it. I mean, having Cleatus the Robut taking on the blue warrior and his tiger might have made slightly more sense, but Terry’s got acting chops. He showed his ass in Failure to Launch! Plus, adding Cleatus would require further CGI effects they weren’t keen on paying for. Aren’t they already investing enough in this thing?

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