Better Know A Draft Pick: Michael Floyd

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Name: Michael Floyd

Age: 22

Position: Wide receiver

School: Notre Dame

Is he a douchebag?: See above

Seriously though: Fuck Notre Dame

Year: Senior

Size: 6’3″ 220 lbs.

Twitter: No, but I did find this guy, who shut everything off for Earth Hour and WAS NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN.

Potential Berman nicknames: Sleepy, Pretty Boy, The Gentleman of Boxing (because he’s not original, you see)

Story that’s bound to become the premise of a horrible movie if Wikipedia is to be believed: Floyd’s scholarship at Cretin-Derham Hall High School required him to work as a janitor. He didn’t solve any complex equations in secret, but he was the two-time state player of the year. That seems worthy of a full scholarship, and a little something on the side.

Combine performance: 4.47 in the 40 and a 36.5″ vertical

Nicest comparison: Larry Fitzgerald

Meanest comparison: Farry Litzgerald

Strengths: Size, strength, and ladder climbing ability.

Weaknesses: Lacks elite speed.

Injury History: Missed significant time in his collegiate career with hamstring and clavicle injuries.

Arrest History: Three alcohol related arrests while at ND, including a DUI. That earned him a four month suspension from coach Brian Kelly. But hey, at least he didn’t send some poor kid to his death. Fuck you, Brian Kelly.

Who wants him: Buffalo

Who will take him: Jacksonville

What scouts are saying:

Immediate impact: Displays the physical tools and route running necessary to establish himself as a threat early in his career.
Down the road: They Ryan Reynolds of NFL receivers (NAWT A STAR).

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