Better Know A Draft Pick: Jadeveon Clowney

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Jadeveon Clowney
First name: Jadeveon

Last name: Clowney

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 266 lbs

Position: Defensive end

College: South Cackalacky

High school: South Pointe (SC)

Famous alumni: Two other Gamecocks

Year: Junior

Age: 21

Parents: Josenna Clowney and David Morgan

Girlfriend: Former Atlanta Hawks dancer Kirsten Hardy, assuming Player Wives is as reliable a source as ever.

Major: African-American Studies

What that means: He spends a lot of time explaining why the Confederate Flag isn’t cool.

40 yard dash: 4.53

Height and Weight: 6’5″ 266 lbs.

Didn’t you already say that: It bears repeating in light of this new information.

Twitter: @clownejd

What his Twitter bio tells us: Nobody told him that South Carolina is two words.

What his tweets tell us: He’s got better shit to do than tweet.

Appropriate song that accompanies his YouTube highlight video: Black Skinhead, because he’s black and from South Carolina.

Potential Berman nickname: Bozo

Nicest comparison: Mean Julius Peppers

Meanest comparison: Regular Julius Peppers, I guess.

“Effort” comparison: Randy Moss

Strengths: Insanely strong, fast and explosive.

Weaknesses: Motor, desire and a certain JJ Wattness.

Loved by: People who like football.

Hated by: People who earn a living talking about football.

Where he’ll go: St. Louis

What scouts are saying: No good lazy piece of…HOLY SHIT, LOOKIT THAT 40 TIME!

What Nolan Nawrocki is (probably) saying: Until he proves that he isn’t the green-eared spaghetti monster, we have to assume that he could be.

Impact: Shows up to camp in slightly less than perfect shape, dominates.

Top image via Deadspin

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