Bonus PK: The Bucket List

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Everyone over at Sports Illustrated is crafting their own sports bucket list, and their preeminent Buckethead Peter King delivers about what you’d expect. His complete list can be found here, continue after the jump for some highlights.

1. Short-season Rookie League games

That’s like, baseball, right? We’re off to a blazing start.

Not sure where, but in places like Billings, Mont., and Casper, Wyo., with the sun setting over the left-field fence, with purple mountains majesty above thy fruited plain. Preferably with a local micro brew in my right hand.

If Casper, Wyoming is known for two things its the Casper Ghosts rookie league team and delicious craft beer. Actually Peter does bear a striking resemblance to Tim Ray, the Ghosts’ Adventure Guide.

2. Texas-Oklahoma (when both are ranked in the top five)


3. Manchester City at Manchester United

Of all the soccer matches in the world he picks the Manchester Derby, England’s approximate equivalent of Jets-Giants.

I saw City play this spring, and the energy level for a match against Blackburn was splendid.

So Robinho wasn’t playing?

I can only imagine what the locals do when they’re playing the other locals. This time I’ll dress better. I bet there were 5,000 men with coats and ties at the Manchester City grounds.

Jack Del Rio would love it here! Unfortunately the scene was marred by another 42,000 fans wearing jerseys, singing Blue Moon, and carrying on like ruffians.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers intrasquad scrimmage/practice

Get the fuck outta here.

The players take yellow school buses to the site…

Even the elite flyers?

…and sign autographs ’til the cows come home.

Good cows. Keystone cows.

Only in western Pennsylvania, folks.


My favorite:

Amateur: The 14-inning, 3-2 Montclair (N.J.) softball victory over rival Cedar Grove in the Essex County Tournament quarterfinals in 2003. Southpaw Mary Beth King threw all 187 pitches for winning Montclair — and scored after tripling in the bottom of the 14th to win it.

Huh. I wonder what ever became of her.

SI: Peter King’s Bucket List

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