Coming Soon: Jennifer Lopez Nude Pictures?

05.11.09 8 years ago 43 Comments

At the rate celebrity nudes are going, one would be wise to stock up on a variety of lotions. Lubriderm for your Latinas, Jergens for sisters. Maybe something similar to shampoo-scented for white chicks. I don’t know. All I know is this recent “rash” of celebrity pics may not slow down any time soon. Word is Jenny from the block could be the next female you’ll be right-click > save as into that secret folder on your hard drive.

Who’s next? Rumor has it that there are nude photos of Jennifer Lopez about to hit the net. Why you ask? Well, again rumors, but it seems a computer belonging to Cassie Ventura’s mentor and a former lay of Jennifer Lopez aka Sean “P. Diddy” Combs was hacked and it was a treasure cove of tits and ass belonging to the rich and famous.

Imagine if Puffy is the culprit behind some of this celebrity coochie being visible for hairy-knuckled men everywhere. All that hate and contempt I’ve held regarding his complete fuckup of the industry, just waiting to be typed up in a hate-filled post…it may be all washed away with a few more low megapixel camera phone pictures.

For now, we’ll wait a few more days til Hoopz’s tape releases and pray no fixers get in between Rihanna’s tape & the oogling eyes of the innernuts.

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