Donovan McNabb Would Still Like To Play Poorly For Your Team

11.15.12 5 years ago 31 Comments

A bunch of starting quarterbacks were injured in Week 10, meaning this coming weekend is going to be littered with unprepared rookies and substandard retreads as starters for a slew of NFL teams. It’ll be amusing at first and then just mostly depressing. One of the people who is sad to not be one of those retreads is Donovan McNabb. This bitchy tweet comes from a recently created and unverified McNabb account, so a bit of skepticism is required. I will say that the feed as a whole seems believable, plus it’s followed by the verified account of former teammate Brian Dawkins. We all know that athletes have never been duped by anything on the Internet.

Either way, it sounds like a pissy thing McNabb would say, so I feel comfortable laughing about it. Only McNabb and Peter King harbor the delusion that he has anything left. That said, he can’t be that much worse than Byron Leftwich.

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