M.I.A.’s “Haters” Takes Aim At Hirschberg?

05.30.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

It’s apparent that journalist Lynn Hirschberg got under M.I.A.’s skin. First she called the writer out on Twitter, going so far as to post Hirchberg’s cell phone number on Twitter. Seems like she’s not stopping there because I’m assuming “Haters” – with lines like “Why the hell would journalists be thick as shit?” – is taking aim @ the scribe for what’s been widely deemed as an unflattering portrayal of Ms. Arulpragasam in a recent NY Times Mag profile (get the skinny here).

To her defense, M.I.A. claims to have been misquoted and shared audio of the interview on the N.E.E.T. blog. Draw your own conclusions. M.I.A.’s not over it, but I am. If you are faking the funk and you get called out, deal with it. In the end, she’ll survive, word to Rawse.

The two best things to come of all this? This song and Ryan McGinley’s exquisite photoshoot that accompanied the piece. I really just wanted a reason to post one or two of those pics.

M.I.A. – “Haters” | Download

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