Erick Arc Elliott – Hills And Valleys

12.30.12 5 years ago 19 Comments

Someone check this out.” – Gotty

After clicking the link Gotty provided us in the email, a white screen appeared with a large track graphic and Soundcloud file underneath. The artwork–a bleached, sepia-toned portrait–advertised Flatbush rapper Erick Arc Elliott (better known through his work with Flatbush Zombies) and the stream beneath it played “Hills And Valleys.”

Now, it’s hard to empirically say what’s happening in Flatbush that MCs coming from the Brooklyn neighborhood are sounding, quite frankly, weird, but Erick Arc Elliott’s lamenting “they don’t know who Flying Lotus is,” so you know he’s cut from the same cloth as his fellow zombies. In six minutes he winds the track through smooth jazz, bottomed-out horns, Gunplay outbursts and a sing-song nasally flow. It’s not as ostensibly weird as D.R.U.G.S., but it’s odd and catchy and coming from an entirely different angle–especially when Elliott claims he’s not Rakim.

What’s with this new strain of Flatbush weirdness? Who knows. Should you check it out, though? Of course.

DownloadEric Arc Elliott – Hills And Valleys

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