Dr. Boyce Watkins Is None Too Pleased With David D. Today

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Yesterday I wrote about Juicy J’s $50,000 scholarship and how it wasn’t actually given to a woman who twerked. In the process of writing that article I – as the kids say – “went in” on Dr. Boyce Watkins for his “coverage” of Hip-Hop, including his inaccurate article bashing Juicy J.

Dr. Boyce wasn’t pleased.

He left a comment about a war between “black people an N*ggers” or something, while proclaiming the fact he wasn’t sure if I was white or Black because research.

Well, Dr. Boyce went a step further and wrote an entire article dedicated to little old me. The article is entitled, “Writer Seems To Think that Rapper Juicy J is Now a Positive Role Model,” including the line “He also seemed to feel that Juicy J’s one act of semi-redemption somehow erased tons of self-destructive garbage he has been using to pollute the minds of black children all across America.”

Nope. Not even close, Dr. Boyce.

I would never proclaim Juicy J to be a positive role model. He’s just a rapper who gave away a $50,000 to a kid who deserved it and DIDN’T twerk.

If Dr. Boyce would have done the due diligence to click on my author name he would have seen my putting rappers to the coals, challenging them to do better. But, the good doctor didn’t even take the time to find out if I were Black or White, much less check my published track record here or elsewhere across the web and in print.

But let’s continue with Dr. Boyce’s rebuttal.

According to David, the fact that Juicy J gave his so-called “Twerk Scholarship” to a single mother who wasn’t actually twerking proves that I am all wrong about corporate hip-hop and just the nasty old man next door trying to shut down the bumping house party.

Again. Nope. Actually, if Dr. Boyce and I were to sit down and talk, we may find that some of our ideals about corporate Hip-Hop aren’t too dissimilar.

My qualms with Dr. Boyce come in when he does things like use a rapper’s mugshot in an article about his passing while also speculating that drugs played a role in his death just to further an agenda. Dr. Boyce, like too many of our intellectual would-be leaders, has deteriorated into self-parody and outlandish statements to get his point across.

Want an example? Of course you do.

Here’s a Dr. Boyce headline: “Jamie Foxx Calls Out Jay-Z to Stand Up for Something Bigger Than Himself.” The funny part is, Jamie Foxx didn’t call out Jay Z. He didn’t call out anyone. But Dr. Boyce is very anti-Jay Z and corporate Hip-Hop so he finagled…or maybe literately twerked out…a headline that fit his agenda. It’s click-bait and bogus. It’s another point of him crying wolf so many times that his voice loses credibility.

But let’s get to the fun part:

I wasn’t sure what to think of David’s commentary after seeing David’s avatar, which is a picture of white wrestler, followed by the words “David D. will Ric Flair chop you into oblivion if you insult his comic book collection. He will also write about Hip-Hop from time to time.”

The good lord knows I don’t want to be “Rick Flair chopped,” so I won’t say much about his comic book collection.

Were you playing the beat to “Ether” in your head while reading that? Because that was a grade-A burn from Roastmaster Boyce. I don’t know if he believes in the corporate giant known as Google or not, but using it would have pulled up some more interesting bio information. Maybe it would have turned up some articles for The Guardian, Black Enterprise, Playboy or The Louisiana Weekly. The irony in all of this is that I learned about Dr. Boyce back in 2010. We wrote for the same website (The Loop 21). We were peers. Whoops.

Roastmaster Boyce also goes on to quote Juicy J lyrics from the song “B*tch By My Side” (good to see Rap Genius is back on Google), and the beautiful irony here is that in all of Juicy J’s infinite songs about b*tches, this is the one song where he isn’t referring to women. He’s referring to his guns and calling them b*tches. I’m not sure if Dr. Boyce is for the fair treatment of guns or not, but if so, more power to him.

As I mentioned earlier, Dr. Boyce Watkins has plenty of valid points about the negative effects of Hip-Hop. I’ve written about the use of the word b*tch, corporate Hip-Hop and promoted some of the most positive pillars in the Hip-Hop community.

But the difference between Dr. Boyce and me is I’m actually trying to promote change. I’m trying to have an impact on my culture as opposed to just stirring the pot and agitating.

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