“Dune” Duned, er, Doomed?

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Ahhhh, “Dune”, the classic novel turned into the most embarrassing movie of David Lynch’s career, and a middling Sci-Fi Channel miniseries, back before they changed their name to the Polish Venereal Disease Channel. Paramount has decided to try again…and what could possibly go wrong?

Well, so far, a lot. The second director, Pierre Morel, just left the production, and this was after Peter Berg walked away. Paramount still has a script, but as part of the option deal, both the studio and the Frank Herbert estate have to agree on the director, and the estate is represented by…the guy who put together that middling miniseries. Also, the clock’s ticking; if they don’t have a green-lit production by spring, they have to eat the option.

Then again, the option was six figures, which is Hollywood’s idea of beer money. So we’re pretty sure that if Paramount can’t find another director, they won’t weep to see the back end of Maud’Dib.

[ via io9 ]

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