Food for Fiction: THE BEN’S Choco Tacos vs. Fitty’s Crackers. WHO YA GOT?

01.30.09 9 years ago 37 Comments

The two most consistent and oddest food associations for KSK Kharacters, unless you count the garbade bag of E.L. Fudges that Wade Phillips is eating at his desk, meet in the Super Bowl. Which spirit junk food can comes out on top? Any chance either of these players have any affinity for these things? All I know is I’ll be too nervous to eat. But WHO YA GOT?


Choco Taco________________________Crackers

KSK Kharacters Who Pine For Them

Ben Roethlisberger___________________Larry Fitzgerald

Euphemism for

The dark gash_____________________White people

Ideal for Super Bowl Party?

If you can find them______________Only if you bacon up those crackers

In The Chocotastic Group?

Well, obvs.________________________Ritz S’mores are

Nutrition facts

300 calories, 15g of fat_______________________80 calories, 4.5g of fat per serving


Do single people eat them?

And how!_______________________We don’t want to know (Frankly it’s a market we can do without)

Finishing Move

Bringing it back to Taco Bell___________________Dad brings him box from press box

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