Former Marine and Raiders Season Ticket Holder Injured Attempting to Catch Coliseum Jumper

11.25.13 4 years ago 30 Comments

Coliseum Upper DeckVia AP/Los Angeles Times

Last week’s fan rides the railing, falls to the lower lower and survives storyline has taken a darker turn this weekend after a woman jumped from the 301 level of Coliseum in Oakland to a second level concourse, seriously injuring an ex-Marine and season ticket holder who rushed to catch her after she plummeted from the upper deck.

The heroic fan was reportedly visiting the Al Davis commemorative flame (who knew?) after the Titans-Raiders game when he noticed a commotion on one side of the plaza. A jumper had climbed to the edge of the closed off section and threatened to leap while the gathered crowd below her urged her to safety. According to Sgt. J.D. Nelson, “She jumped anyhow, and one guy tried to catch her.”

Both were immediately rushed to hospital for their injuries. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the jumper is in very critical condition after her fall and the hero-fan is stable, but was still held in the hospital overnight.

Time to put some extra candles by Al, it seems.

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