Geno Smith Wears A Suit On Gameday For Five Minutes

11.21.13 4 years ago 27 Comments


Quarterback is by far the most scrutinized position in football, so it makes sense for them to do the little things to help foster a positive public perception. And if one of those little things is having a fancy suit on hand in the locker room to wear when talking to the press, why not?

After his team’s 37-14 loss in Buffalo Sunday, Smith showered, went to his locker and put on a light-blue shirt and a black Saks Fifth Avenue suit, with a fake green rose on the left lapel. He walked to an adjacent room, where lights, cameras and a podium were set up for the postgame news conference.

For four minutes and 48 seconds, Smith answered questions about why he played poorly. Then he strode the 90 feet back to his locker, took off the suit and threw on a gray zip-up hooded sweatshirt, gray sweatpants and gray Air Jordan sneakers.

“As a quarterback, you always want to represent the team in a positive light,” he said of the suit. After the news conference, he headed to the airport for the flight back to the New York area. “I don’t want to wear it on the plane,” he said. “It’s very uncomfortable wearing a three-piece suit, sitting in the little seat, so I put on my sweats.”

Totally understandable. Frankly, I’d wouldn’t want to bother to dress up for a bunch of schlubby media types after getting my skull cracked by behemoths. Have you seen the way print reporters dress? They’re slobs.

Naturally, there’s pressure from the team’s PR people to present himself well. Also from the man who knows a little something about pimping, Silky!

“It’s to present a businesslike attitude,” Smith said. The Jets’ public-relations staff also advised Smith to dress up for news conferences after both home and road games. So has David Garrard. “He thinks he’s GQ,” the rookie said of the veteran.


Oh, Silky is way past GQ, Geno. Silky goes places GQ wouldn’t dare.

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