Giants David Wilson Moons New York City Traffic From Hospital Room

01.19.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.47.15 AM

New York Giants running back seems to be in good spirits (or is being given some amazing pain killers, or maybe a little bit of both) after having neck surgery to repair a herniated disc. Earlier today he Tweeted, “Thank God surgery went well Dr. Surprised when they came in And saw me standing and walkin to bathroom on my own haha #solider #blessed” and then followed it up with a post to Instagram of himself mooning… Hmm. Nope. Haven’t lived in New York in a long time so I am not sure which river and highway that is. Looks like the East River and the FDR, but don’t quote me on this. (Hey Wilson, make our job easier and turn on “location” in your phone’s settings. We promise we won’t stalk you.)

Glad to see Wilson being so positive considering after the Giants put the first round draft pick on the IR it was reported he was told, “in no uncertain terms, that he faces an increased risk of a neck injury if he plays again” according to ESPN sources. No word if the running back inspired by January’s smallest full moon of 2014 or if he just was happy his antics wouldn’t be the craziest thing that would happen on this busy Friday around the league.

When reached for comment, Joe Buck declined to make a statement at this time.

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