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07.09.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

Flubby stumbled on the original Tampa Bay Buccaneers fight song from the late ’70s. If Josh Freeman lets his Jew ‘fro grow out, the team could give this a modern update.

— Eagles running back Dion Lewis got arrested over the weekend. Lewis and his brother got locked out of their hotel and proceeded to bang on glass doors and pull the fire alarm in an effort to get back in. It makes me sad to learn that the two were drunk at the time. I’d rather they were sober and just terrified of the dark.

— A Florida swimwear company is selling Gronk-branded bikinis. This might open the company up to a potential lawsuit, but Ravish Sands made the savvy move of getting a former Project Runway contestant to model them. No doubt Gronk will call off the legal eagles if he gets to ravish her sands. The sand’s in her vag, you see. #BeachSex

— The inventor of Electric Football has rattled aimlessly off this mortal coil at the age of 87.

— Jaguars defensive end Austen Lane got all meta by posting his daily workout schedule, replete with inside jokes about Twitter use by players. I thought the unnecessary punctuation marks was the most accurate touch.

— Here is Adrian Peterson’s mugshot from the weekend. Does his lop-sided expression translate to an admission of guilt? COPS SAY YES!

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