02.11.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

EPISODE 24, KVETCH GAME. @PUNTE and @Brandon_ROTU take turns complaining about everything, from the release of Google Buzz to the death of Charlie Wilson to the Winter Olympics. Guests include With Leather morning contributor Amber Jones discussing the ins and outs of Minnesota. Mostly the outs. We catch up with KSK’s own Christmas Ape, who shares his experiences in Miami as well as a peek into his EDGE blog on New Ledger. Josh recaps his weekend with Victory Poker in Vegas in a clip with Dan Levy from On The DL. And YOU WILL POOP YOUR PANTS when you find out who is on the show next week. Click the logo or title for the direct mp3 link, or click here if that’s too much work. Thanks, Weed Against Speed, Carbon Poker.

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