Stream Hurt Everybody’s ‘I Know Where The Light Goes’ EP

04.10.15 3 years ago

Hurt Everybody

Words By Jake Krez

Hurt Everybody is a trio that makes music at a fever pace. Forever recording and releasing with seeming reckless abandon, they have been able to capture a certain raw emotion in their music that is hard to capture on a track that spans months rather than moments.

On Thursday night Supa, Carl and Mulatto Beats dropped their second bundle of music, I Know Where The Light Goes, a six-song EP created over the course of three days in true Hurt fashion.

Out here, people are hurting. This week started with heartache for much of those around the hip-hop scene that calls the northwest side of Chicago home as news of close friends Mikal Johnson’s senseless shooting death spread across the neighborhoods and beyond. It’s yet another in a long series of these occurrences in a city that seems to perpetuate its worst aspects.

Every member of the Hurt crew was close with Johnson and it was with heavy hearts that the group recorded this release around learning the news themselves. At a time when music can be made in almost turnstyle fashion, these three have found a way to audibly mimic unbridled, yet calculated emotion that feels pulled from within regardless of the lyrical content.

On “Mobile Phone Freestyle” Supa rhymes: “N****s out here shooting with their eyes closed/with the blindfold.” Qari’s thick, understated accents and direct bars add strength to the kind of sinewy, provoked stylings of his counterpart. Say what you’d like about releasing music on the daily, but here Hurt Everybody forgoes telling a story directly, instead focusing on conveying the kind of wrought, unfiltered feelings that come from losing a close friend amidst an environment that does little to avoid it.

I Know Where The Light Goes is both a welcome six-track release from one of the city’s most exciting acts and an exertion of bundled emotion that comes here in calculated deference.

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