I’m Sorry, Tom Dempsey

11.09.07 10 years ago 21 Comments

I’m sorry, Tom Dempsey, that the 36th anniversary of your historic achievement yesterday received little to no mention in the intricate, obese web that is sports news. For it was you, good sir, that set the longest field goal in NFL history with a 63-yard money shot, o so long ago.

I’m also sorry, Tom Dempsey, that you booted yourself into the record books with only half of a kicking foot and no right hand. That’s pretty cool, at least if you’re cool with not being able to do the Pee Wee Herman dance. And limited options for masturbating. And forget about email. It reminds me of that one time I tried to eat a sandwich while I was wiping my ass on the shitter. Your whole life must have been like that. And even now, too; sorry, I forgot you were still alive.

And you probably took a lot of grief from people that couldn’t handle the fact that you were different. I mean, look at Lance Armstrong now, he’s missing parts and now he’s dating half of that girl that was on Full House. I hope that you at least got to nail one of those twins on The Patty Duke Show.

I’m sorry that you are now forced to share this record with Jason Elam, a small, unpleasant person who has nothing better to do than hang out with Scrabble players and fantasize about Al-Qaeda. Never mind the fact that his kick came about on a lark at the end of the first half, through the thinnest of air on top of a mountain, while your drive for glory was a game-winner, below sea level, in the sweltering airborne filthiness that is southern Louisiana. Plus you did it against that guy on Webster.

I’m sorry, Tom Dempsey, that you took grief from people that said you did it with a loaded shoe, putting a stain on everything you accomplished. Just the attitudes of the day, I guess. I mean, people would never say that kind of thing about Lance Armstrong. If you did that today, you’d have your own color and people would be running 5Ks in your honor. Plus, you’d probably get to meet Hulk Hogan, like those kids that get cancer always do. I wish I had cancer.

I guess that’s it. Tell Jim Abbott I said hi. I think he’s pretty neat.

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