Introducing the Kommentariat Komments of the Week: October 16-22, 2013

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Cetificate Of Merit 10.26.13During my routine discussions with Ape last week about general site business (just kidding, we were instant messaging for twenty minutes about what the inside of Pete Carroll’s head sounds like), it came up that the Kommentariat has really been killing it this season in the comments. Truly. So in the spirit of highlighting the best of the best, this week kicks off our new feature, Kommentariat Komments of the Week.

And no, it’s not just every comment Otto makes in the live blogs.

Sunday Night Football’s Theme Is Stupid, But For More Reasons Than Mike Francesa Noted


At least it’s not the intro for Thursday Night Football. The vague, inane line, “I know you’ll like it in my city,” should be followed with “where we have several professional sports teams. Let’s watch one of those professional sports teams play a contest tonight. I hope my professional sports team wins the contest tonight.”

“What if All 32 NFL Team Logos Were Fat?”

Moose (The Thread Ender)

Very well done; this drives home the point that bloggers in particular and Americans in general have too much time on our hands.

The New York Daily News Brings Subtlety To The Redskins Name Debate

Clueheywood (This comment kicked off an entire great thread.)

If the Redskins were Nazis they would’ve been crushed early on by the Poles, only to meaninglessly annex the Sudetenland late in the 4th quarter against the second stringers.

Keep Matt Schaub Away From The Texans Gun Grill



FJM Time – The Worst Adrian Peterson Column Yet

Big Black Richard 2

Two points came to me while I was reading this.

1) She said that AP shouldn’t be banging waitresses. Who should be, then? There’s an awful lot of waitresses in America, and they have sexual needs just like anyone else.

2) So does this mean that we don’t get to make fun of Antonio Cromartie anymore? Because that’s a change that I don’t feel comfortable making.

Now’s Your Chance To Be A Tampa Defensive Coach


I think the mystique of “18 hour days” was created by highly paid coaches and their assistants to justify their pay.

I’m not playing down their hard work and dedication and preparation, but it’s not like they’re playing aliens from other planets, or dragons, or an entire team composed of Marshawn Lynch and a Skittles dispenser.

Rich Eisen Made A For NFL Fans So I Signed Up And Reviewed It For You

Hank Scorpios Hammock

I am now describing my body type using sports writers. Kind of a Mariotti but with all of my original hair?

Happy New Tuck Rule Day


I was wondering how this post ended up with 100+ komments. I guess I forgot that Pats fans have no sense of humor, hehe!

Vikings-Giants Live Blog, Second Half

Make It Snow

Under some circumstances, the ground can cause a fumble, which makes the ground a better defender than Rahim Moore.

Billy Cole, You Got A Call On Line Three


And so, after getting drunk and watching Fight Club, Brandon Jacobs and his alternate personality, Arian Foster, blow up the various buildings that house servers for Fantasy Football, like NFL, ESPN, or Yahoo. Then, relegated back to using a pen and paper, and confronted with math problems; the number of FF players drops off dramatically. They step back into the light, blinking against the harsh sun, as they learn to just love football again without attaching ridiculous expectations to players that a team’s entire strategy should rotate around just one or two guys. Of course, this causes a significant drop in people watching the Jaguars just to see how Justin Blackmon or Jones-Drew did. They’re finally relocated to Los Angeles. Captain Caveman hosts the mailbag over at Hustler, since his advice columns became about nothing but sex and poorly photoshopped, fake nude Alison Brie pictures, And all was right with the world.

Making Your Own Gronk-Tini

Electric Mayhem

No, Sarah, NO! Make one of the new kids try it- they’re expendable.

I’m not even sure if Rappoccio is old enough to drink, and there is a good chance that PFTC is a Mormon. Don’t know.

And lastly, all around kudos to everyone in last week’s mailbag for calling a “1/3 life crisis” complete and utter bullshit. Just stop it already.

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