It’s Everything I Dreamed It Could Be, And Then Some

09.03.08 9 years ago 27 Comments

Sure, I enjoy competing in fantasy leagues with old friends and a bunch of shit-eating bloggers, but I’d give it all up to play in any league with Fred Smoot. Speaking of which, I wonder how he’ll react to the latest news on his boy “Timmy” Brady. Throw in the delightful trio of Mercedes Lindsay, Christy Cooley, and the kicker’s piece of ass and you pretty much have the perfect draft. Sure Santana Moss and the ladies’ team is a bit slow at times, but they still bring more to the table than Shanoff.

One day when the directors cut is released we will finally find out exactly how many times the word “gay” was used to describe Colt Brennan’s actions. No matter the amount one thing is certain, Jamie Mottram is not pleased.

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