Jaguars Season Ticket Holders Get Some Sweet Perks

08.25.14 3 years ago 52 Comments


Apparently, according to Twitter, Jags fans have more to look forward to than Chad Henne starting this season! Via their new Teal Deals(tm) program, season ticket holders can enjoy discounts on several Jacksonville-area attractions and services. The first deal is for a conceal-carry class complete with permit and certification, which of course it is, because Florida. Also, in Jacksonville, 25 appears to be half of 59. In any case, I did some digging, and I was able to uncover the rest of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ season ticket holder discount offers.

  • TEAL DEALS: Buy 1, get 1 free at Chad Henne’s Mustache Rides
  • TEAL DEALS: 15.99 for admission to”Family Style All You Can Scoop Night” at Big Jim’s Gravy Hutch
  • TEAL DEALS: $49 for 1 week of daycare services from Unmarked White Van Childcare
  • TEAL DEALS: 1.50 for a bag of “Sandwich Sweepin’s” with bottomless horsey sauce at any Jacksonville area Arby’s
  • TEAL DEALS: 25% off any purchase of 50 dollars or more at Harold’s Discount Mostly Not Stained Clothing Shoppe
  • TEAL DEALS: 10% off of season tickets to literally any other sports team in the country (it’s the least we could do.)
  • TEAL DEALS: $5 off of Jacksonville High School’s upcoming production of Into The Woods Jr.
  • TEAL DEALS: Free entry to “Nothin’ but Breadsticks Tuesdays” at any Jacksonville area Olive Garden
  • TEAL DEALS: 75% off of deformed metal rakes at Curry-Thomas Hardware
  • TEAL DEALS: Free in-stadium depression and anxiety analysis from Dr. Reyburn’s Psychiatric Clinic

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