3 Questions With Jarren Benton x “Half Ounce, Quarter Pound” Video

10.25.12 5 years ago

Funk Volume’s newest member, Jarren Benton released one hell of a mixtape in Freebasing With Kevin Bacon. It was a project that probably went under most people’s radar but could still nicely hold it’s own weight in grams, preferably grams of weed. One of the standout songs “Half Ounce, Quarter Pound” featured labelmate Dizzy Wright and fellow ATLien Aleon Craft and was easily the record that got people talking. But rather than hear me trip over myself praising Jarren and his project, take it straight from the horse’s mouth on what went into the video and how his move Funk Volume is paying dividends.

Tell me about this video. It looked like you guys were having a blast making it. Was it as fun as you made it appear?

Oh man. We was high as fuck when we shot this video. Even the director. I mean I always have a good time and I’m always high when I make videos but I think I was too high this time. Later on, we realize that we forgot to shoot some parts but it still turned out dope as hell. We were even gonna shoot a making-of video but we didn’t shoot enough footage. It turned out really good though and it’s pretty much exactly like you would imagine when you hear the song.

I first heard you at A3C last year, and I know you and the rest of the Funk Volume crew were out there this year too. How was it different this time around versus last year?

We hit the stage a little bit later than I would have liked to but it was all good. There were more people watching us this time and of course I wasn’t alone this year. I went up with the rest of the Funk Volume.

Funk Volume is pretty clear about how they stand on the subject of major labels. Do you share that stance too and what’s your opinion on the machine?

You know, I’ve dealt with a couple majors myself and they just don’t get it. It’s all about deadlines, radio spins and a catchy single. Of course, it’s a business but, for the artist, it’s about the music. Funk Volume gets that. The process is a lot simpler with them. With them, it’s just make the music you feel and we’ll put it out but, with the majors, they got more money behind them so they got to make back their investments.

Check out the video for “Half Ounce, Quarter Pound” below. Also, Jarren and legendary DJ, OG Ron C, have been working together on a chopped and screwed remix of Jarren’s latest album. Freebasing With Kevin Bacon [Chopped Not Slopped] deluxe version will be released November 1st on iTunes.

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