Jarren Benton – “Razor Blades & Steak Knives” (Prod. By Kato of SMKA)

04.06.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

When a rapper is on the cusp of something great, hearing the lead single off their debut album is exciting. That’s why you should have a nice, tingly feeling prior to pressing play on “Razor Blades & Steak Knives,” the first official release from Jarren Benton’s upcoming LP, My Grandma’s Basement.

Sure, the song’s equivalent to watching Matt Stone & Trey Parker pop pills for 24 hours straight, then hearing them write shock rap, but that’s why we dig this demented Decatur spitter. Well, along with his stockpile of flows and playful taste in production, which Kato kills once again here – delivering an almost Dre-like bounce to compliment Benton’s Slim Shady-esque persona.

For more core-jolting raps from the Funk Volume MC, the full project drops in June. In the meantime, you can check out the album artwork above, which puts everyone else’s grandma to shame.

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