Jason Campbell: Coach Killer

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For the last five years, Jason Campbell’s head coach has gotten the axe at the end of the year. Zorn, Cable, Jackson, Smith, and now Chud. Of course this has a lot to do with the inherent nature of an NFL team that would look at Jason Campbell as an upgrade, but it also has a lot to do with Jason Campbell never getting a contract extension and being just good enough to make you not think he sucks.

Make no mistake about it, Jason Campbell is the most type of suck. He will win 37% of his starts and be likable and boring enough to crush your hopes and dreams without turning the team into a full-on tire fire. So while these last five seasons are not entirely Campbell’s fault, they’re not entirely not his fault either.

2009: Washington Redskins, Jim Zorn. Thank God Snyder was too tweaked out on an island with Cerratto and a football filled with cocaine somewhere to remember to fire Zorn after the 2008 season and mess this stat up.

2010: Oakland Raiders, Tom Cable- Insane coach-puncher and wearer of those short sleeve T-Shirts that go three-quarters of the way down your arms anyways. The Raiders went 6-0 in the division, but missed the playoffs and fired him anyways because Al Davis was allowed to make million dollar decisions on a whim.

2011: Oakland Raiders, Hue Jackson- Campbell got the team off to a 4-2 start but smashed his collarbone against the Browns. Then Davis died and the new regime was understandably skeptical of any coach that he thought would be good, and not bad, at coaching football.

2012: Chicago Bears, Lovie Smith- File this one under the “serviceable backup” category. Lovie had pretty much worn out his welcome by the time Jason arrived in town. Campbell only started one game for them, but you have to imagine his mere presence around Soldier field contributed to the Lovie Smith Meh-fest going on.

2013: Cleveland Browns, Rob Chudzinski- They’re the Browns. They’ve had more head coaches in their last 6 years than the Steelers have in their entire existence. Having a fireable name is a prerequisite for coaching there.

So where will Jason land next year based on this pattern? Probably the AFC East somewhere depending on what happens tomorrow.

Jason Campbell 2014 likely team Power Rankings:

1. Buffalo Bills

2. Miami Dolphins

3. Atlanta Falcons

4. St. Louis Rams

5. New York Jets

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