Jim Irsay Claims He Would Have Done A Better Job Protecting RGIII

03.04.13 5 years ago 24 Comments

Anytime multiple franchise quarterbacks come out of the same draft class, it’s assured they will be painstakingly compared to one another for the duration of their NFL careers. Naturally, 2012 was one of those bountiful QB draft classes, giving us Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson, as well as several other, less exciting starters. Among those, RGIII and Luck will be the most closely compared, since they were, y’know, the first two picks of that draft.

While RGIII may have enjoyed a better statistical rookie season than Luck, that season did end with a grisly knee injury that will require the entire off-season to heal, if not some of next regular season, too. So while Colts owner Jim Irsay may not be able to say he got the better quarterback, he can at least try to take credit for the fact that his team ended the 2012 season with the the healthier quarterback.

“I wouldn’t have exposed him to injury in the same way they have in Washington,” Irsay said. “My philosophy on quarterbacks is, first and foremost, you’ve got to keep them healthy and on the field.”

That’s nice, except the Colts allowed far more quarterback hits during the 2012 season than the Redskins. Depending on which advanced metric you trust, Indianapolis was either worst in the league or second-worst in the league in allowing contact to their quarterback. So while it doesn’t appear that Irsay’s team did much to protect their investment from a health standpoints, they did at least not subject Andrew Luck to the grass at FedEx Field, so Irsay wins the point on a technicality.

Not that it matters. Everyone knows Jim Irsay prizes the condition of his ’70s vinyl collection above any player.

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