JoJo & Rochelle Jordan Take On Drake’s “Marvin’s Room”

06.15.11 6 years ago 23 Comments

Drake and 40’s newest offering “Marvin’s Room” has been on repeat most of the week. Not only because I feel as if it continues the story of where “Karaoke” left off, but rather the 40-produced number chronicled a situation we’re all familiar with in some aspect. Given that it centered around love and the ever infamous, and horribly unavoidable “drunk dialing,” naturally two sides of a story exist. Drake afforded his point of view already, so it was only a matter of time before the female persuasion gave their take on lost love and intoxicated pleas for help.

I woke up this morning to find people on Twitter talking about JoJo’s version and I immediately suspected the worse – Rev. Run’s son had gotten a hold of the beat and studio with Internet connection to upload his antics. Thankfully, my blood pressure soon dropped to find out it was the opposite as the songstress let her emotions get the best of her when speaking of her ex’s new love interest. Meanwhile, Toronto rising vocalist Rochelle Jordan also vented frustrations when dealing with a former significant other and why her room, and more importantly her life, no longer revolves around him. Both tracks represent different dynamics of how females handle breakups – JoJo’s with dependence and Jordan’s with independence.

The ultimate winner in all of this, however, is this Marvin fellow. Now if Beyonce or Alicia Keys decides to lay vocals over this, I’d officially say then he is having a better week than DeShawn Stevenson. And that’s saying something.

JoJo – “Marvin’s Room”

Rochelle Jordan – “Marvin’s Room”

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