Kill! Kill! Kill! From Above

03.23.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

Here’s a clip of an osprey bringing fishy death by dive-bombing into a lake for its prey. Truth be told, I hated ospreys as a kid, mostly because I played a lot of Odell Lake in elementary school and ospreys always wrecked my sh*t in that game. I suppose a more accurate statement is that I hated virtual birds in a video game and that I had a very sheltered childhood. That would not be inaccurate.

Reader Alex sent on this clip, saying: “perhaps it is an allegory of Seattle getting Matt Flynn over the Dolphins (yes, the predator here is an osprey — they should have used this mascot instead of a ‘seahawk’, which doesn’t f*cking exist anyway).”

Awww, poor Miami. At least Alex Smith wanted to visit your majestic beaches.

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