Kill Kill Kill: Seal Team 6 On This Penguin

07.26.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

Whenever seals are portrayed in pop culture, it’s usually them being all cuddly and adorable. Or somebody is talking about how seals are being brutalized. Ooh, they’re getting clubbed! Save them! Save them! They’re like the pandas of the arctic.

Meanwhile, back in reality, leopard seal is, like, “why don’t you cuddle on these one-inch canines” and inflicting savagery on unsuspecting penguins. I wish I had seen this video as a kid so I had a retort to smarmy adults telling me not to be wasteful by saying, “the noble Indians would use every part of the buffalo.” That’s cool. Well, killer seal just takes the tastiest chunks out of the penguin and leaves the rest of that bitch floating wherever. GO SEAL!

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