KLEARINGHOUSE: Goodbye Levi’s Stadium Turf

08.21.14 3 years ago 30 Comments

People dying of heart attacks brought on by intense heat apparently isn’t the only issue with Levi’s Stadium. The Niners grounds crew is already ripping up the turf after one preseason game. Before you know it, the team won’t have a home and it will be them desperately asking the Raiders if they can crash at their dilapidated stadium until they can get back on their feet.

— Vernon Davis went undercover as a Jamba Juice employee for one of the chain’s commercials. I’m not sure if the conceit works in the average person wouldn’t recognize Vernon Davis outside of his uniform sans disguise.

— PFT Commenter traveled to Seattle to attend Hempfest and a Seahawks preseason game for SB Nation. It’s a STRONG TRAVELOGUE.

— DeAngelo Hall is pinning the sharp increase in defensive holding penalties this preseason on the Seahawks, no strangers to contact in the secondary, winning the Super Bowl last year. DeAngelo has had plenty of public arguments with Richard Sherman, so this is probably at least a little sour grapes on his part, but his claim is not entirely untrue.

— After his arrest for pot possession, LeGarrette Blount traveled with the Steelers to Philadelphia for their preseason game this evening. Le’Veon Bell, who might face more severe charges because he was behind the wheel when he and Blount were caught, did not travel with the team, but did arrive later paid his way to be with the team, which is a nice showing of solidarity though probably won’t be anything to lessen his future suspension.

— NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said that the extra point will be changing very soon. And by very soon he means most likely the 2015 season. What changes are thus far unspecified, but I’ll just start to imagine he means drone flying near the uprights trying to shoot down footballs.

Clowney hurt! If Texans fans didn’t already have to despair over Ryan Fitzpatrick starting, they’d be really worried now.

— Jim Kelly is now cancer-free according to doctors, making this the first positive news for anything in the past two weeks.

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