KLEARINGHOUSE: Mama Bridgewater’s Draft Day Shirt

09.02.14 3 years ago 28 Comments



Teddy Bridgewater’s mom owns a shirt of her son looking fancy on draft day. She wore it to Louisville’s season opener, letting everyone know how proud she is that Teddy is backing up Matt Cassel for now.

— J.J. Watt has a new contract extension: six years for $100 million with $51.87 million guaranteed. That buys a lot of dog tags!



— WWE has invited Michael Sam to appear on next week’s Monday Night RAW, in the same sense that I have a standing invite for models to come hang out at my apartment. If he so chooses to attend (he probably shouldn’t) Sam can go on the wrasslin’ show next week and say his piece about not having an NFL job. Though not content with just a huge ratings spike, WWE would likely insist he mention their network is still available for $9.99 a month.

— Montreal Alouettes, the owners of Sam’s CFL rights, have reached out to him about playing for them. That’s the team Chad Johnson currently plays for, so they’d be the biggest draw in Canada since Terrance and Phillip.

— Eric Wood says the reason Sam isn’t on a team or a practice squad is because of #distractions. Don’t you hate it when practice squads succumb to media pressure and can’t practice right?

— The latest in Madden 15 glitches reveals the Tiny Titan. Not sure it’s a glitch so much as someone traded Darren Sproles to Tennessee in the game and made him play defense.

— Colin Kaepernick had to get permission from his tattoo artist for his tats to appear in the new Madden game to avoid a lawsuit. Hopefully next year’s installment will feature San Quentin inmates.

— Gronk said he’s cleared to play Sunday in Miami. He did concede, however, that he won’t play every snap and will in all likelihood suffer a season-ending injury in the second quarter.

— Danieal Manning is back with the Texans after he didn’t survive the last round of cuts with the Bengals. Hey, he might win a lot fewer games this year, but the man still has a job.

— The Rams claimed former Texans quarterback Case Keenum on waivers. Well, it’s not a trade for Mark Sanchez, but it is still pretty sad.

— Thanks to his new personal chef, Nick Fairley is back down to 305 lbs. and is slated to start for the Lions on Sunday against the Giants. Just be thankful he doesn’t play for Andy Reid or his career might be over.

— Off-topic: Here’s a handy last-minute fantasy football team name if you need one.



— Man buys a Bills hat at the team store and later discovers it has a Patriots logo on the rear. He should demand a refund once the team finally gets another owner.

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