Kommentariat Komments of the Week: August 20-26, 2014

08.27.14 3 years ago 17 Comments

Certificate Of Merit Aug 26It’s always a bit strange going back and reading all the comments at the end of the week. To wit:

Scott Derechinsky

I have the Rams at 10-6 and no worse than 9-7. That’s assuming that Sam Bradford plays 16 games of course. A less talented team went 7-9 with Kellen Clemens at QB, no running game for the first half of the season, and a dimwit for a Defensive Coordinator. I see no reason this year’s more talented team can’t win 2 or 3 more games.

Yep. This is why team previews are a total bitch. One minute you look smart and reasonable, the next minute you’re a complete boob.

I am your host Sarah Sprague and these are your comments of the week for August 20-26, 2014. Football is so close you can taste it.

2014 KSK NFL Prekkake: Arizona Cardinals


Advanced metrics, blah blah blah. Here’s my analysis: Carson. Palmer.

Take the under.

Jaguars Season Ticket Holders Get Some Sweet Perks


TEAL DEALS: Tebow jersey, never worn.


Hello, I’d like to get you into a new football stadium


This has a lot of strong features, but you didn’t tell us about the most important one–what percentage of the project can be forced upon the tax payers. If it’s anything north of 100%, Jerry Richardson or Jimmy Haslem will be giving you a call.

Sam Bradford Hurt – Hypothetical Rams Fans Feel… Bad?

Senor Weaselo

Rams fans, upon hearing the news, debated how it would affect the Cardinals’ playoff hopes.

KLEARINGHOUSE: Goodbye Levi’s Stadium Turf

Otto Man

I knew it was a bad idea to stone-wash that field.

Brian Hoyer Named Browns Starting Quarterback

Knight Dehumidifier

It will be hard-earned grit and hometown loyalty that will drag the Browns into a 5-11 season, not flamboyance and arrogance that would drag the Browns into a 5-11 season.

Browns will be 5-11 this season.

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