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09.27.12 5 years ago 39 Comments

Roger Goodell had a tough week, what with people calling for his ouster after the league suffered tremendous humiliation twice in the span of two days because of a scab referee scandal in which Goodell was at or near the center of. As we’ve said, it’s a touch unfair to exclusively blame Goodell for what transpired the last month or so. There is a group of billionaires who are also very deserving of your scorn.

Of course, Goodell apologists will point to the latter fact and claim a commissioner who habitually swings his ginger hammer wildly and with an iron fist was helplessly at the mercy of the owners whose bidding it is his duty to carry out. “He’s just trying to balance competing interests! So Solomonic!” That’s because Goodell apologists are idiots who forget – willfully or not – things like Goodell screwing over Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones because the rest of the ownership syndicate was trying to get their collusion on. Or that on issues like player discipline, he could give a sh*t what anybody thinks. But, no, The Rog is simply a humble servant who does what he’s told.

Mike Florio takes his sycophantic game to the next level, however. He believes Goodell deserves a raise for the handling of the referee negotiations. Whether this is routine Florio contrarian-trolling to garner attention or an attempt to get in good graces with the league office isn’t really worth determining. Florio’s purpose is to aggregate the reporting of others. His opinions don’t count for sh*t.

— It wasn’t just South Park that was hammering the NFL last night. It was also the show that airs 30 minutes after it on the same channel! Anyway, The Daily Show had a good take on the scab refs fiasco and even got Patrick Stewart involved. Just go watch it.

— The NFL announced that Gene Steratore’s crew will be working tonight’s Browns-Ravens game. His file of notable game-altering mistakes includes messing up the call on the late Ben Roethlisberger fumble into the end zone that gave the Steelers a 23-22 win over the Dolphins in 2010. It’s comforting to return to hating people that I recognize.

— James Harrison suffered a setback in practice that may endanger his expected Week 5 return. Just means Boss Todd will be paying more visits to the LeBeau residence.

— Just like RGIII, Tom Brady is a dutiful corporate spokestroll. Dreamboat was caught covering up the Nike swoosh on his official team apparel. Lucky for him, Butters’ Creamy Goo is thick enough to do the job.

— There is a contingent of dipshit Seahawks fans who are arguing that Golden Tate actually did make the touchdown catch on Monday night. Hopefully they’ll keep in touch for when Tate shamefully admits he didn’t make the catch in, like, March or something.

— An appliance outlet in Denver will refund customers up to $3,000 on purchases made between now and Saturday if the Broncos’ porous defense shuts out the Raiders on Sunday. The locals fell for Tebow; they can fall for this, too.

— Shutdown Corner has a teaser clip of Jerry Jones’ upcoming appearance on “The League” which does not include in any way rapping about pizza and glory holes. 2/10, will DVR and watch later but will not bang.

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