KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Dunk Ban Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

03.27.14 4 years ago 32 Comments

The animators at NMA Media have their take on the NFL banning celebration dunks. It features the uprights falling on Roger Goodell, so I pronounce it a towering success.

— There’s a version of that addictive 2048 game with NFL faces. The inclusion of classic Marmalard face is a nice touch.

— Among those attending Johnny Manziel’s pro day are Texas governor Rick Perry, George H.W. Bush and probably the ghost of Ken Lay.

— The Raiders reportedly offered Jared Allen more money than the Bears, but apparently Allen didn’t want to be like all the other 30somethings in free agency and join the old people team.

— Tom Brady witnessed the nine-alarm fire that killed two Boston firefighters on Wednesday, then took to social media and radio to say that fire fighters are the real heroes. Previous to this, I assume Brady figured hair stylists were the real heroes.

— According to Peyton Manning’s agent, Pey-Pey had to be talked into taking more money than Tom Brady when he joined the Broncos two years ago. While the usual cast of Pey-Pey sycophants are rushing to call this super classy of him, it just sounds like a bizarre demand of an OCD quarterback to peg his salary to his rival.

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