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05.15.08 9 years ago 39 Comments

It was two weeks ago that Buzz Bissinger took on Deadspin’s Will Leitch during an HBO special hosted by Bob Costas, and I’m getting along like any survivor not located at ground zero of the atomic detonation: I avoided the initial blast, but the fallout lingered for a week before the winds finally changed, leaving me irradiated with media bloviation. My symptoms: exhaustion, nausea, headaches.

Everyone had a response, and a response to the response, and the newly MSM-recognized commenters responded to the responses to other responses until the fractal spun into the minutiae of oblivion. Bissinger got blasted by everyone, apologized but stuck to his guns, then performed a round of interviews in the blogosphere to show his non-maniacal asshole side. Leitch responded with typically circumspect Leitchiness, then got blind-sided by Jason Whitlock for his casual laziness toward race, causing more Leitch circumspection before Whitlock participated in a follow-up interview with FanHouse which maybe-but-maybe-not added to the mental gridlock and exhaustion that led to Whitlock’s leave of absence.

Keep in mind that (a) the above recap is only a fraction of the scores of thousands of words spent on this subject across the Internet, and (b) for something that is supposedly a sports story, none of these people are athletes.

Whitlock, before announcing his Waffle House walkabout, closed his FanHouse interview with this:

Blogs are suffering from the same problem as the MSM. We think if we ignore our shortcomings, no one will notice them. Some smart blogger will fill the void and begin the process of holding blogs accountable. There’s an audience for that. There is a good-old-boys network among bloggers that will eventually get shaken up. Lips will get removed from asses at some point. This is America. There’s always someone available to call bulls—.

This prompted some introspective hand-wringing from The Big Lead (“Hmmm, maybe we should critique blogs”), making it the unofficial response to the response to the response to the response to the response to the story not about sports but about writers talking about how to cover sports.

In order to keep this endless trolleyfuck going, I’ve prepared a statement on behalf of Kissing Suzy Kolber. Ready? Ahem…

You people are fucking gay.

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