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04.17.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

Nice touchdown grab by Lisa King of the Central Cal War Angels (WAR DAMN ANGELS!) of the Women’s Football Alliance. She reaches around the defensive back’s head and pins it against the back of her helmet. Pretty impressive, especially considering the size advantage favoring the defender. If the Patriots ever want to break the gender barrier, I know who is getting a call.

— A 30-year-old receiver considered a longshot to get a chance in the NFL has decided instead to re-enlist in the Marines after the Boston Marathon bombing. Tough call taking PTSD over CTE.

— The Cowboys are asking Josh Brent to stay away from the team until his legal issues are resolved. Probably should have thought of that before having him on the sideline the week after the accident that killed his friend and teammate.

— RGIII’s high school buddy made a mixtape in honor of the quarterback, railing against people who call him a cornball. The mixtape is profanity free and the rapper, Quistar, describes it as his first mixtape that “you could play in church.” Sounds about right.

— A website sells a vintage Bernie Kosar shirt for $28. Or you could just pick one of his old jerseys for under five at a thrift store.

— Champ Bailey said he’s still quick enough to play corner, provided he’s not matched up against actual fast receivers like Torrey Smith.

— Unsurprisingly, there’s going to be extra security at the NFL Draft in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. Also, a pronounced reduction in the amount of times that analysts refer to the proceedings as a “pressure cooker“.

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